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The Spirit of Key West

Key West First Legal Rum has now reimagined rum and created “the Spirit of Key West” –  three new original Key West Legal Rum spirits:

Rum Key West Sparkling, Key West Mermaid Spirit, and Key West Mermaid Ratafia.

It is rum completely reimagined–with foods in mind. These 20-proof rum spirits are created especially for the dinner table, the absolute first genuinely Chef Distilled® spirit in the United States, rum spirits that could have absolutely only been made by a chef.

The three Key West spirits are the debut of a Chef-Distilled® 20 proof fermented rum spirits, produced in champagne barrels using the Traditional Method to produce a spirit that is iconically Key West.

Key West Sparkling “the champagne of Key West”, a 20-proof sparkling rum spirit made for toasting Key West-style: with a champagne glass of Key West Sparkling raised high: “What’s not to celebrate? To Key West!”

Terrific for openings, closings, everyday victories, and special events.


Mermaid Spirit is the true spirit of Key West. A 20-proof rum spirit made for pairing with foods. Chef-distilled with traditional Key West and French flavors, Mermaid Spirit is made to stay at the dinner table. 

Perfect for dinner, meals with friends, romance, and fun!


Mermaid Ratafia is an aperitif 20-proof rum spirit for serving before dinner, after dinner, and with dessert. Mermaid Ratafia is a traditional style, high flavor profile spirit for signifying meal beginning and ends.

Enjoy upon sitting and before leaving.

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