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It’s 5 o’clock in Key West
We would like to mention until we have the family’s blessing for the event we will not move forward.

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Save the date for the annual Key West celebration of the life of Jimmy Buffett! Join us in 2024 for another Second Line Procession as we pay tribute to his music, songs, and the fun he brought into our lives. We'll make three stops along Duval Street where we'll sing & celebrate, then end the parade with an unforgettable concert.

If you were part of this year's event, you already know how amazing it was! And if you missed it, mark your calendars and join us next year to be a part of the action.

Register for the parade and help us raise funds for the Bahama Village music program. Stay tuned for more details as we work on obtaining permits – next year will be even more epic since we won't have to get it all done in 16 hours!

This annual event is sponsored by Key West First Legal Rum.

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